Bullet League is a 32 player realtime multiplayer 2D action-platformer on mobile. With fun and fast-paced matches this is Battle Royale built for mobile. Play and compete in ranked matches with your friends, upgrade weapons to unlock new weapon abilities, and climb the leaderboards to be the best!


The first prototypes developed for Bullet League started when Fortnite from Epic Games was starting to take the world by storm. For Funday Factory the decision to build a multiplayer game was not accidental. CCO and founder Anders Leicht Rohde says, "We're a studio that takes multiplayer on phones seriously. With Bullet League, we're taking approachable multiplayer oo mobile to a new level.” and continues “we see a bright future for competitive multiplayer games on mobile - and with Bullet League we’re running straight towards that future, guns blazing“.


  • Real-time multiplayer, designed specifically for mobile
  • Fluid gunplay and tactical platforming action
  • Explosive visual effects and wide-range of weaponry to utilise
  • Large and diverse level design to search and survive
  • Beautiful and unique 2.5D art style and humorous character design
  • 8 cool weapons and more than 24 characters to collect and unlock
  • Solo, Friend Brawl and Squad-based combat game modes available
  • Global server coverage with 10 server regions to play in ensuring a smooth experience pretty much everywhere
  • Translated to English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Spanish and Portugese


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Early Access TrailerYouTube



Original Soundtrack (OST) - Anthem
Composed by Nicolas Vetterli - listen at

About Funday Factory

Funday Factory is an independent mobile games studio in beautiful downtown Aarhus, Denmark. We make epic and engaging games for shared adventures! Funday Factory was founded in 2011 and began as a two-man studio, but has now grown to over twenty-five team members who have worked with global brands including LEGO, Star Wars and Cartoon Network.
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Bullet League Credits

Office Dog
Glen Würtz Christiansen
Game Designer
Mads Bønlokke
Game Designer
Rasmus Heeger
Game Designer
Anders Ejlersen
Lead Programmer
Preben Thaysen
Rasmus Øster
Martin Nielsen
Christian Thomsen
Programmer, .io version
Mark Bøg Lønquist
Lead Backend Engineer
Peter Holm Jakobsen
Backend Engineer
Blake Overgaard
Lead Artist
Allan Lønskov
Tommy Petersen
Juan Garcia
Jane Madsen
Søren Pedersen
Release Manager and QA
Maja From Andersen
Data Analyst
Christine Molly Streit
Emil Kjæhr
Product Manager
Nicolas Vetterli
Music and Audio Designer, Freelancer
Bo Mathorne
Artist, Freelancer
Evgeni Hristov
Artist, Freelancer